Aeduan is a Carawen Monk and a Bloodwitch.  He is the titular character of Bloodwitch .

Physical DescriptionEdit

Aeduan has close cropped brown hair, pale blue eyes, and pale skin. While he has the features of a Nomatsi, his eyes are not folded as deeply and his hair is not as dark, concluding that he is not a full tribesman. His irises burn crimson when he is using his power and scenting the air. His voice is rough with unuse, he is lean and muscled and has a frame built for speed.


Aeduan appears cold and uncaring. However, his rugged exterior and blood-lust can be misunderstood. Aeduan comes off as a stone-cold killer but holds compassion for many people. He has saved Iseult multiple times, spared Monk Evrane, and rescued a child from raiders.



Very little is known about Aeduan's past, although a recurring memory suggests that his mother had died in an incident involving fire. His mother's last words to him were "Run, my child, run." He spent most of his childhood living beside one of the Origin Wells , the Aether Well.

With nowhere else to go, he joined the Carawen Monastery, and by the time he was thirteen, he'd sworn the Carawen vow to protect the Cahr Awen . Due to his Bloodwitchery, he was later trained to be a mercenary, and was mentored by Monk Evrane. Sometime after his induction as a Carawen Monk, Aeduan reunited with his father, the "Raider King."

Truthwitch Edit

Aeduan is introduced as a mercenary monk working for Yotiluzzi, a gold Guildmaster in Dalmotti.

Windwitch Edit


As a Bloodwitch, Aeduan can track the blood scent of others (up to one hundred paces) and sense their magic. He is capable of controlling blood; he can push his own to the extreme limits of his physical capabilities for certain lengths of time and can control others by isolating their unique blood components and pinning them down. He can regenerate lost limbs and heal injuries, though it costs him to do because he cannot control when he heals.



  • Aeduan wears his Carawen monk cloak at all times.