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Iseult det Midenzi is a Nomatsi and the Threadsister of Safiya fon Hasstrel. She was originally thought to be a Threadwitch, but it has been clarified that she is actually a Weaverwitch. She is the shadow half of the mythical Cahr Awen.



Iseult hails from a culture called the Nomatsis. Her inability to make Threadstones, as well as the strained relationship she holds with her mother, were motive for her to leave the tribal setting. Once she left her village at age 10, Iseult dwelt in Veñaza City, where she eventually met Safiya when she saved the other girl's life from a Cleaved. This led to the two of them becoming Threadsisters. Iseult has always longed for a place to call home, as well as companionship.

Ever since a monk had helped a lost Iseult, she became somewhat obsessed with Carawen Monks, which connects back to her favorite book, An Illustrated Guide to the Carawen Monastery.









Physical description[]

Iseult has black hair, hazel eyes, and a simple, plain face. She also has pale skin and folded eyes (typical of the Nomatsi tribes). She tends to wear black, loose-fitted clothing. At the beginning of Book 1: Truthwitch, Iseult had her hair fall halfway down her back, but this was later cut to chin-length during her visit to the Midenzi settlement.


Iseult is level-headed, smart, and logical (a stark contrast to Safiya fon Hasstrel). Her rational demeanor and keen sense have tended to keep her, as well as her Threadsister Safiya, from getting killed. Iseult has been said to be selfless and resilient, as she always puts the needs of others before her own and continues to take the hateful remarks, glares, and actions for her origins. In addition, Iseult understands her emotions very well and is found to sometimes wear her heart on her sleeve (not characteristic of many Threadwitches).

Skills and abilities[]

Iseult has a very strong physique and is able to sustain many injuries. Her quick speed, and sharp senses give her a certain advantage in combat. She wields moon scythes with a high degree of lethality.

Iseult's Threadwitchery (Weaverwitchery), paired with Safi's Truthwitchery, have proven to be a deadly combination. Isuelt is able to detect threads, which make her more aware of her surroundings. In addition, her ability to see people's emotions give her the upper-hand under many circumstances (whether it be in negotiations or designing battle strategy). However, Isuelt cannot make Threadstones or see the threads of other Threadwitches, or certain people, specifically Aeduan. However, later, Isuelt realizes that her powers stretch from simply seeing the threads of the world. Isuelt discovers that she can communicate with people in their dreams, as well as sever and create new threads. This means that although Iseult has the abilities of a Threadwitch, she also has the assets of a Voidwitch. This means that Isuelt's magic is surrounded in darkness and can be used to turn a regular person into a puppet (subject to her will). This makes Iseult an extremely dangerous individual, one who could easily control the world. Iseult refuses to sever people's threads at the start, but in a time of need, she has to and that person haunts her after she kills them (a Firewitch).



  • Susan Dennard said she would be a Ravenclaw.[citation needed]
  • Her nose twitches when she's nervous/anxious.