Ryber Fortiza is a Sightwitch Sister and the heart-thread of Kullen Ikray. She is the titular character of the novella, Sightwitch.

Background Edit

Ryber was born north of Lovats, in Illyria. Ryber is taken from Illyria by her aunt and while on their way to Saldonica, at the age of four, she finds the Sightwitch Sister Convent on her own. She tells SIster Hilga she is supposed to join and is the only child to find the Convent by themselves and ask to be let in. Ryber lives there until her late teens.

Physical Description Edit

Ryber has black skin and a lanky figure. She was born with brown eyes, but due to her nature has a Sightwitch, they turned silver eyes. She keeps her hair in shoulder-length braids. She has a sly smile and an expressive face.

Personality Edit

Ryber is a rule-follower, an eager learner, methodical and precise.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ryber has learned every language in the Witchlands but is most comfortable with Cartorran. She never remembers her dreams.

Relationships Edit

  • Kullen Ikray - Heart-Thread
  • Merik Nihar - Ally and Captain
  • Tanzi Lamanaya - Threadsister and roommate at the Convent